At Mountain Time Music School we are dedicated to fostering all students' love of learning, growing their skills and appreciation of music, and providing what a student needs to be successful in another areas of life. We teach music lessons that matter!


  We at Mountain Time Music School, have a deep respect and appreciation for music. We believe fully in the many different ways that music can help ALL people, fill all people with life, and serve so many purposes in our community and in ourselves. . Any age, background, identity, appearance, ethnicity and culture has the right to learn and love music.

Music connects people. Music teaches teamwork, acceptance and discipline. It gives you a chance to express yourself, and gives you emotional skills that help during the adversities of life. Our mission is to share the great gift of music with each individual and provide tailored lessons to give all students what they need.

Whether you are looking to build what it takes to have a successful career in the exciting field of music, to learn important life skills that help in all areas of daily life, or if you just want to experience the great joy and true beauty of playing good music, we are dedicated to getting you to your goals!

All of our teachers constantly push to better their educational skills so that we will always provide the highest level music lessons, be prepared to fulfill what each individual needs from these lessons, and give you a fantastic experience in the process! All are welcome here at Mountain Time Music School. Come on in!