WHY are we offering music lessons?

We believe that music education creates connections, build relationships and needs to be fun. That’s why we are in this business.

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WHY our School?

We believe that everyone is able to learn music and the most important element in the lesson is YOU. Mistakes are allowed here ! We care about offering an environment where you feel safe to express your own personality.

WHAT do we offer?

Courses for all ages, in person and online.                Check the details below !  



Lessons for all ages
Learn the music you like
Pop, jazz, classical

Trial lesson = $0
Half lesson = $30
Full Lesson = $50

in person or online


Lessons for all ages
Better yourself after school hours
Classical and jazz

Trial lesson = $0
Half Lesson = $30
Full Lesson = $50

in person or online

Other instruments?

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WHO are we?

Mountain time is the result of one common value shared between the owners: helping people through music. We started this new business with tons of dedication and passion.


1427 Coffman street
Longmont , CO


(720) 680 - 0045


[email protected]

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday

    09:00 am – 08:00pm

  • Saturday

    09:00 am – 06:00pm

  • Sunday

    Appointments only